Servers COD MW2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

GR Gm Server name IP:Port Server map Players Mod
1 codmw2 WWW.RUSWARS.COM[52RUS]HARD#2 mp_subbase 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
2 codmw2 Rent your Server - mixed DE mp_terminal 1/18 Free-for-all
3 codmw2|TDM| DE mp_estate 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
4 codmw2 Sunbae Sniper Rotation US mp_nightshift 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
5 codmw2 Sunbae Nuketown Sniper SnD US mp_nuked 1/18 Search and Destroy
6 codmw2 =RAB= Bots Szerver HU Offline 0/12 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
7 codmw2 [NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] US Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
8 codmw2 [GOS]RATS Padala - SI Offline 0/26 Free-for-all
9 codmw2 [GOS]Toujane Only - SI Offline 0/20 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
10 codmw2 KEMEPOBO [AC] Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
11 codmw2 SWAT RU Offline 0/14 Search and Destroy
12 codmw2 SAF| -Shame and Fear- SD|HD RU Offline 0/14 Search and Destroy
13 codmw2 [STT]=SND=HC=AND=TDM= UA Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
14 codmw2 [SKILL] Team Server [HardCore][42] Offline 0/18 Search and Destroy
15 codmw2 -=vGs Community S&D HC=- RU Offline 0/14 Search and Destroy
16 codmw2 GEORGIAN SOLDIERS GE Offline 0/10 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
17 codmw2 [UA] Team Hardcore S&D Server RU Offline 0/12 Search and Destroy
18 codmw2 |RED-BULL|TDM Hardcore server Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
19 codmw2 |RED-BULL|TDM Hardcore server KZ Offline 0/18 Global Thermo-Nuclear War
20 codmw2 |RED-BULL|TDM Hardcore server KZ Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]